Thank you for a lovely game of BUDS

BUDS squad

Edinburgh, thank you for a lovely game of BUDS!

This year proved to be our most successful yet with a record breaking attendance and some excellent results (flips and everything!). Your Snowboard Captain Johnny Corcoran made it to the finals for both the Slopestyle and Big Air! As well as our regular down at the slope (and in the LCR) Mr James Sloman making it to the semi-finals in the board Big Air. We had an excellent turnout with our female snowboard competitors ex-pres Mary Leishman (one time Big Air champion) and everyones favourite Norbae Amalie Espeland.

Yah boy Pres Tom Arscott came 30th out of 270 (impressive for the flattest county am I right?) in the ski Grand Slam and Slalom, better luck next time eh. With the rest of the boys (Jethro Barnsley, Josh Cork and Alex Schede) drawing top half. Little/big brother to Johnny C, Fintan pulled a nice ol’ front flip making the Big Air semis. And not forgetting your lady skiers, Hannah Gardiner and Monique Page¬†and the best Ski Captain; Indra Drabbe all putting in swell performances.


It’s back to the slopes for regular training today with BUiSC not to far off however that doesn’t mean that the fun won’t continue with our Paint Party next Tuesday! Oh and did we mention we stayed in an old brothel? The stories we could tell…

Paint Party

It’s never to late to get involved, just drop us a message if you have any questions.

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