Membership Rep

Membership Rep (new position 16/17)
William Adkins


Board/Ski: Ski
Piste/Park/Powder: Powder
Worst UEA Snow Fancy Dress: Paint
My Parents Don’t Know I: Fractured my hand trying to catch a rabbit in freshers week
Highlight of UEA Snow: Everything
Lowlight of UEA Snow: Losing my shoe in the Ziggurats marshlands during the paint party and never finding it again

Will “Three sheets to the wind” Adkins is the epitome of everything that UEA Snow embodies… boozy as hell. We all know of that one guy that’s plastered and singing his heart out long before the evenings even kicked off… Will is this man. But don’t let his drunkenness fool you, if anything it amplifies his friendliness and approachability, so much so that everyone he encounters must receive a hug of some sort!

Aside from his qualities as a professional drunk, Will is also an enthusiastic skier and definitely one to watch out for at après on trip! We are lucky enough to have Will as this year’s membership Rep. Anyone will tell you he’s jolly, sociable and above all very friendly, this is especially true once he’s had a few. These qualities along with his enthusiasm for UEA Snow proves he is the man to boss this new committee role.


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