Ski Captain

Ski Captain
Indra Drabbe

Board/Ski: Ski
Piste/Park/Powder: Piste
Worst UEA Snow Fancy Dress: Tom’s snapback
My Parents Don’t Know I: Tried snowboarding once, it’ll bring shame on my entire family
Highlight of UEA Snow: The BUSC dryslope races up in Edinburgh!
Lowlight of UEA Snow: That there is no ACTUAL snow

“Indra Doris Drabbe, UEA Snow’s Ski Captain, earned her position on the committee because of her determination and competitiveness as a skier – it had absolutely nothing to do with her being uncontested for the position during the committee election. That said, had her position been challenged, we’re still fairly confident she would have still been elected on the committee anyway – a committee for a sport which is only really feasible in environments 500 miles away from Norfolk. But she’s still very good at imaginary skiing. Ask her for some tips when you next see her!

Ski champion by day, Tequila weapon by night. Drabbe has been known in the past year for going hard and subsequently losing most of her belongings – so keep an eye out on the LCR Exchange for a free phone and some pride when the time comes. In the end, no matter how much Dutch Courage this Dutch woman guzzles, she’ll always be beaming with happiness. Well, that or she’s trying to not look really, REALLY off one’s face in front of everybody.”


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