Snowboard Captain

Snowboard Captain
John Corcoran

johnnyBoard/Ski: Board
Piste/Park/Powder: Park
Worst UEA Snow Fancy Dress: Forgot fancy dress and went as a ghost, using my bedsheets from the hotel
My Parents Don’t Know I: Go up to BUDS more to drink than compete
Highlight of UEA Snow: Crowd Surfing in Edinburgh at BUDS
Lowlight of UEA Snow: Wet socks and soggy gloves (anywhere)

Johnny Corcodon-Corc-Cocoon-Corcoran has sneaked his way into Snow with a smile but that’s not all he’s got to offer. If getting kicked out of all the UEA Snow fun is what you’re into, John is your guy. Getting banned from the LCR, SU bar and the Waterfront may just be because he is too much fun on a night out. Though he might get a little rowdy, once you get on the dance floor you can catch him crowd surfing, wearing wigs and busting out all the moves (if they let him in).

Whether John is actually studying at UEA is questionable ’cause you’ll only see him sitting in the ‘snow’, like the classic boarder that he is. But if you’re not allured by his massive fan-club, you’ll see he can freestyle almost as well as his brother.

That said, his enthusiasm will create the team that goes down in history (not only for drinking too much). He’ll draw you in with his niceness and before you know it you’ll be strapped to a snowboard, which we all know is the less cooler sport.


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