Social Secretary

Social Secretary
Jeremy Harris

Piste/Park/Powder: All mountain
Worst UEA Snow Fancy Dress: Robin Hood and Maid Marion
Highlight of UEA Snow: Shredding my first red run and long arming a pint on the same day
Lowlight of UEA Snow: Repairing a hole in a door by smoothing toothpaste with a credit card (we actually got the full deposit back somehow)

Joining us at the dry slope Jeremy took to the glorified surface like a natural. As a demonstration of his commitment to the sport, he went to an antique store and bought a board for 30 quid. Strange at first, once you get to know him you will find it’s the perfect fit for the man who’s South African Land Snail complete with UEA Snow logo is yet to appear.

A home brewer, Jezza is the man in the know, working in the Estates office in his year in industry he can likely be partially to blame for all the meetings we’ve been having. That and all the sick socials complete with loud af apres bar music that he will be throwing this year.

On trip if you can’t find him pre-drinking in your bath tub, he is likely drinking elsewhere, or attempting to climb up the mountain at night whilst intoxicated, or trying to keep up with the big kids on the powder. Arguably the most likely to leak all of the trip information, Jeremy will write you the worlds longest risk impact assessment and then just do it anyway.

Rest assured you can expect bigger, better and of course the unexpected.


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