Emma Reed

IMG_4633Board/Ski: Ski
Piste/Park/Powder: Piste
Worst UEA Snow Fancy Dress: Forgetting to bring a sheet for toga night and using the one from the room and then having to sleep on it for the rest of the week
My Parents Don’t Know I: I snapped my ACL skiing, but couldn’t miss apres the next day so was carried to and from the bar
Highlight of UEA Snow: Paint party every year
Lowlight of UEA Snow: Snapping my acl skiing

This year our finances are being held by the lovely Emma. This girl had never ventured onto snow until her first year of ski trip, she had an unfortunate accident and managed to come off the trip hating snow! Madness! Luckily for us, she managed to fall for our very own Tom Arscott and aside from following him around like a puppy dog, she managed to be persuaded that snow isn’t all that bad, and joined us in our quest for dreamier mountains!

Having just graduated she has decided to stay at UEA to pursue her quest of discovering exactly how best to spend the most time with our new president, unfortunately you can’t do a degree in that, so she’s doing something with numbers…?

The lovable and funny Emma will be an integral part of the new team and I know we are all looking forward to working with her. We’ll just have to put up with Tom in the meantime.


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