Trip Secretary

Trip Secretary
Christopher Whiting


Piste/Park/Powder: Piste, park, powder – depends on the day
Worst UEA Snow Fancy Dress: Birthday suit at the pool party
Highlight of UEA Snow: Pulling a rep/pinning 3/4 honey jd
Lowlight of UEA Snow: Failing to pull Holly Stower for the 2nd year in a row despite my hardest efforts


Christopher “Pistol” Whiting is our Trip secretary for this season. Without doubt I can say that Pistol is the most approachable and friendly member of the Snow committee. You can’t miss our friendly ginger giant walking around campus because of his extra big smile. Pistol really is the best candidate for the job of Trip Sec due to his knowledge of the French alps. He really does know them like the back of his hands due to the seasons he has spent over there honing his ‘steeziness’ and seasonaire wardrobe.

Pistol is no happier than when he’s in the Alps, just don’t be surprised when he eats and drinks you under the table then wakes up the next morning and skies you under the table too. And in case you were wondering, no, he doesn’t call himself pistol ironically.


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