Vice President

Vice President
Matt Looker

Piste/Park/Powder: TBC
Worst UEA Snow Fancy Dress: TBC
Highlight of UEA Snow: TBC
Lowlight of UEA Snow: TBC


Matt Looker is our Vice President for the year (God help us all). You’ll often find him away with the fairies, as demonstrated by him nearly missing a Snow social he was partially organising due to getting his haircut and having broken his phone the day before. Over the past three years Looker has been a committed member of UEA Snow and the role of VP is well suited to him. With his organisational and deadline meeting skills being his strongest attribute, you’ll never see Matthew taking a 10% deduction on his coursework although he’s been overheard on a number of occasions spouting ‘If I had handed it in before the deadline it would be indescribably shit.’ So maybe that fact won’t hold…

As one of the nicest guys around people have described Looker as a puppy; entirely useless and will (metaphorically?) shit all over your floor, but you just can’t be mad at him. Unless of course he’s actually pissed on your bed- then you can definitely be mad. All jokes aside, the boy can be frustratingly useless on occasion, but he really does deliver in quite an impressive manner when he needs to.


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